Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Digital evolution

This blog and our redesigned Vision Systems Design web site (http://www.vision-systems.com/) are part of our response to rapid changes in publishing--both print and digital. With the New Year we have begun collaboration with three related technology publications--Laser Focus World, Industrial Laser Solutions, and BioOptics World-- to provide a richer user experience, more content, and a broader reach.

We'll continue providing our VSD audience with relevant machine-vision news, system design articles, tutorials, videos, webcasts, and white papers within an umbrella site called OptoIQ: Gateway to the application of light.

As you'll see, the VSD web site has Topic Centers that focus on applications such as factory automation, biomedical research, food packaging, solar cell manufacturing, traffic monitoring, and vision-guided robotics. We also have product Topic Centers that focus on cameras, machine-vision software, frame grabbers, lighting, and lenses.

High-speed and infrared imaging each command their own Topic Centers. A dedicated Product Center delivers all the most recent products along with our Buyers Guide and Industrial Camera Directory.

Information delivery media may continue to evolve, but we'll make sure that the essential quality of unique editorial content from Vision Systems Design remains unchanged.