Monday, April 5, 2010

Omens at trade shows

Predicting the market outlook for machine vision products can seem akin to interpreting the patterns of tea leaves or Tarot cards or even practicing myomancy – studying the movements of mice to foretell the future. However, those attending and exhibiting at this spring’s spate of machine vision and image processing trade shows may practice a modern version of myomancy to give themselves a sense of market momentum.

This week, for example, the SPIE Defense, Security, and Sensing show held in Orlando, FL, will provide attendees an impression of the state of the markets for imaging components and applications, especially those used in infrared applications. A strong technical conference accompanies the show.

The month after, in Boston, The Vision Show, May 25-27, will give both exhibitors and attendees alike an idea of the health of machine vision industry in North America, particularly the health of component makers.

Automatica, held in Munich, Germany, June 8-11, will reveal similar prospects for components and systems in Europe, especially as the show includes a strong robotic exhibition and the collocated technical symposium, ISR/Robotik. The show also takes place at the same time and exhibition center as Intersolar 2010, which will attract a vast audience for those involved in solar energy products and services, and is a fast growing area for machine-vision components and systems.

Myomancy, anyone?

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