Monday, July 19, 2010

July VSD online--Hyperspectral imaging, minature autofocus lenses, 3-D vision

To capture continuous spectral bands from the UV to the far IR, hyperspectral imaging has become a powerful imaging tool. In our July issue, Rand Swanson at Resonon describes a compact hyperspectral imaging system that has been flown in a Cessna aircraft to monitor the spread of leafy spurge, an invasive weed that reduces grazing forage for livestock.

In our Product Focus article, editor Andy Wilson describes recent developments in miniaturized autofocus lenses. Whether based on electro-optical, electromechanical, thermo-optical, or acousto-mechanical techniques, these tunable optics will find cutting-edge applications in smart machine-vision systems, endoscopy systems, and mobile phones.

Our cover story shows how an optical tester based on an off-the-shelf camera system can be used to calibrate centering errors of lenses to ensure the imaging quality of an optical assembly or subassembly.

3-D vision remains one of the most alluring areas for innovation in machine vision development. While dual-camera and time-of-flight sensors are becoming increasingly important, other options such as the one described in an article about ISee3D now allow stereo images to be captured from a single camera/lens combination.

We also have articles on: inspection of wood surfaces for defects by researchers at AIDO in Spain; an algorithm that uses partial deriatives to improve edge detection; and an FFT processor that performs phase correlation.

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