Monday, November 8, 2010

VISION 2010 - As the show begins

November 8, Stuttgart--Preparations are hectically concluding for tomorrow's start of the 23rd annual VISION show. This is the third year that the show is held in the Neue Messe Stuttgart--the new, very large and sprawling complex next to the airport. The old Killesberg location was cozier for sure, but could never have accommodated the 306 exhibitors or 6000+ attendees expected for this show.

Based on the enthusiasm and energy of people I've spoken to so far, the show should be better than ever. The recovery of the industry is evident, with many companies reporting banner quarters or years. One of the biggest complaints is the shortage of components such as sensors, so vendors are struggling to build cameras fast enough to meet demand. Not such a bad problem after a very difficult recession.

We will be covering the show in several ways. We'll be posting videos about the show, the markets, and multiple technical sessions on topics such as GigE Vision, megapixel lenses, CMOS sensors, data transmission standards, and CoaXPress. We'll also be recording videos from the Global Vision Standards demonstration booth, including demonstrations of Camera Link HS and GigE Vision. GigE Vision will be especially interesting to follow because it is beginning to be used outside of the machine vision world, including in embedded military and medical applications.

Also, we will be posting a series of sponsored videos from machine vision vendors who describe their products and applications in some depth.

And of course, in the coming issues of Vision Systems Design magazine and online we'll be publishing in-depth technical articles by editor Andy Wilson about the most interesting technical developments at the show, including the winner of the VISION award.

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