Friday, February 3, 2012

Online tutorials help demystify the selection process

Determining the best industrial camera for your new system without being able to test it in a final design is important, because choosing the appropriate camera from the outset can eliminate costly redesigns or upgrades in the future.

For many of us that have been involved in the vision systems design business for a while, the selection of cameras best suited to perform a particular role in a system may come as second nature.

However, for those folks who have entered the industry a little more recently, the superfluity of camera manufacturers and the different types of products that they make might appear to make such a selection process a rather daunting one.

Now, to help such folks out, engineers at Adimec (Eindhoven, the Netherlands) have written a three-part blog series in which they suggest a step-by-step approach that will hopefully help in the camera selection process to enable you to find the best candidate for your particular job.

While the selection of the appropriate camera is undoubtedly vital, the choice of lighting is no less important, and, indeed, often plays a critical role in creating a robust vision inspection system.

Thankfully, there's also a rather good tutorial on the web that might help you in that area too. Written by Daryl Martin, from Advanced illumination (Rochester, VT, USA), and available on the National Instruments site, it demonstrates many machine-vision lighting concepts and theories.

If these two web sites provide you with some assistance in the task of choosing a camera or a lighting system -- or if you know of any other useful resources that you think might be useful to others -- why not drop me a line to let me know?

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